Security and Software Services


We provide website pentesting services. Businesses face a growing threat of being hacked. In 2019 cyber attacks cost 2 trillion USD worldwide. Make sure you aren’t a victim by finding your security issues before they do.

What does our pentest entail?

  • Automated scanning of your websites and infrastructure
  • Manual vulnerability testing
  • Test logins for common and reused passwords

Services we do NOT provide:

  • Phishing / social engineering engagements
  • Malware attacks
  • DDoS / network stress testing

€800 - 2 day pentest with report within two weeks

€1500 - 4 day pentest with report within one week

If you would like any more details do not hesitate to contact us. We can make proposals based on your specific needs.

Software Development

We offer software development services in a variety of fields.

We can make utility tools, bugfixes, features on existing projects, data scrapers.

Contact us with your project/problem and we will give you a quotation and time estimate.

Experience with Python, Golang, Java, PHP, SQL, Bash, etc.

We do not offer frontend web development services.

Please read the blog or check out the github for examples of our work.

Incident Response

Victim of a hack?

We can help secure your systems, find the point of entry, remove backdoors and help evict the hacker.

Where possible we can also attempt to identify the attacker.

Contact us for more information.